BRT Gazipur - Airport

BRT Gazipur - Airport

BRT Gazipur - Airport



BRT Project Summary


Dhaka is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It has an estimated population of 17 million people at present, which is expected to rise up to 25 million by 2025. This rapid growth of population has accelerated the demand for a safe and highly accessible public transportation services. So, improving the mass transport system in Dhaka City is one of the most crucial issue at this moment. According to the Revised Strategic Transport Plan 2016, two BRT lines and five MRT lines have been decided to construct to facilitate the public transport development in Dhaka city by 2035.

North section of BRT line 3 (From Gazipur – Airport) is under construction now by the financing of ADB, AFD and GoB. In the meanwhile, the detailed design of south section of BRT line 3 (from Airport – Mohakhali) has been also completed by the financing of World Bank. The north section of BRT line 3 will cover a distance of 20.2km with 25 BRT stations from the Airport terminal to the shibbari Gazipur terminal to carry approximately 400,000 passengers per day.

Under the Supervision of Roads and Highway Department, six numbers of flyover are being constructed to avoid the traffic signal at different intersections from Airport to Gazipur. Construction of Airport flyover split into two flyovers, for incoming and outgoing mixed traffic over at grade BRT station and Airport intersection, is going on full swing. U-turn option for BRT buses in between two flyovers is available at at-grade Airport BRT Station.

A wide Pedestrian Underpass having 6 access points including BRT station will be constructed from Haji Camp to Airport Terminal. The BRT Corridor from the Airport to Gazipur will have one BRT lane in each direction located in the centre of the road dedicated for BRT buses only. Besides the BRT lanes from Airport to Gazipur the corridor is being upgraded and widened with mixed traffic lanes, non-motorized traffic lane and pedestrian footpath in each direction.

Six lane Jashimuddin flyover including 2 BRT lanes is proceeding to avoid traffic jams and signals with the provision of U-turn facilities under the flyover at Jashimuddin Intersection. Azampur BRT station alike other at grade BRT station will be accessed through foot over bridge, automatic escalator, lift and stairs in the middle of the road. From House building to Cherag Ali, a 4.5 km elevated flyover consisting 2 BRT Lanes and 4 mixed traffic lanes is being constructed under Bangladesh Bridge Authority.

MRT and BRT will be connected through BRT link Service from Diabari to House Building for improving overall communication network at Uttara area. Abdullahpur station at elevated section connected with 5 ramps including Ashulia bypass road will provide better traffic solution at the junction point. 10 lane Tongi bridge including separate pedestrian access in both sides is under construction in place of existing 4 lane Tongi bridge over Turag River.

Two U-turn flyovers are being constructed to provide U-Turn facilities for mixed traffics under the dedicated BRT lane at Gazipura and Sign Board. Six lane Vogra flyover including BRT lane is under implementation toward Dhaka-Mymensingh road in order to provide safe and uninterrupted mobility for Dhaka Bypass Road.Joydebpur Chowrasta interchange has an elevated BRT station, BRT U-turn facilities and grade separator for Dhaka – Mymenshing and Dhaka Gazipur highway for smooth circulation of comprehensive traffic solution.

Passengers will require prior-purchase of Rapid pass from the ticket counters and online. Station will be equipped with passenger information display, voice information system, electronic gates, CCTV cameras, sitting arrangement and washroom facilities. Stations will have electronic gates to protect the passengers on the station platforms to board on the buses.

The two main terminals at the Airport and Shibbari Gazipur will have sufficient parking facilities, rest rooms and office rooms. The bus depot for the BRT has been already completed at Gazipur, which will be equipped with parking, fuelling, maintenance, ITS and operational facilities through control room.

Transit oriented development will be created as a new opportunity for residential and commercial development and reforming by introducing the BRT system in Dhaka- Gazipur city. Uttara and Gazipur area will be more attractive to residence and visitors accessing through BRT project. BRT will definitely contribute to the modernization and the greater prosperity by creating a transport culture and holistic solution for integrated urban transport system in Dhaka city.


BRT Gazipur - Airport